Ellingham Grain Ltd offer a range of growing contracts for our customers.

We are keen to build up the supply of locally grown produce for our export trade and would like to hear from you should you be interested. Remember, Ellingham Grain is an “end user”. By dealing direct with us there is no merchant chain to swallow up your margin.


Fuego and Fury are both suitable and available commercially. We offer buyback contracts for movement to suit you. Most growers are keen to move their crop at harvest but we clean throughout the year and are able to take delivery accordingly.


Blue peas: Prophet, for large blues, Zero 4 for small blues.. Movement to suit.

White peas: Mascara, Gregor and Ragtime all produce acceptable quality. Movement throughout the season



We offer buy back arrangements for all Double Low varieties and for industrial rapeseed. Harvest movement with the option of selling at harvest or storing in our store and arranging sale at a later date.


Contracts are available for Spring and Winter varieties for movement at harvest or later in the season.


We offer a marketing service for those requiring harvest movement or needing drying/conditioning services


We are able to arrange seed production contracts for most crops. Please enquire for more details


We offer fixed buy back terms for pulses as well as open market arrangements whereby prices are fixed by mutual agreement prior to movement.


Ellingham Grain supply Certified seed for contracts.



Please note that we would be very pleased to hear from you if you already have crops of the above in the ground. Our export markets are expanding and we need raw materials!

Ellingham Grain support the work of Processors and Growers Research Organisation, (PGRO), As such our growers can call on the their expertise for advice and support on pea and bean growing.

Click on the logo to go to the PGRO web site