Feed beans are used primarily as a source of protein and energy for cattle feed. . As such they command a small but variable premium over feed wheat. However the variety Wizard has proved very popular for splitting. Low Bruchid samples can achieve a reasonable premium over feed. Growes should be aware that beans need to be below 16% moisture content for this market.

The market is divided into :

  • UK compounding industry, ( few outlets in the eastern counties)
  • Export based around the East Coast ports. Prices are influenced by exchange rates and distance from port.
  • Own use on farm.
  • Splitting for export for human consumption.

Winter sown beans are grown principally for this market as they offer a reasonably cheap-to-grow, yet profitable, break in cereal rotations. (Their darker, mottled seed coats are not favoured for human consumption)

Currently available winter varieties include

  • Husky
  • Wizard
  • Sultan
  • Clipper
  • Arthur

All have similar yield ability but vary slightly in straw and disease resistance characteristics.

Spring beans are generally grown for the premium human consumption markets, those lots which are unsuitable are used as feed.Some varieties such as Ben are not favoured for human consumption


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