November 2014



There are considerable premiums over feed price for good quality Human consumption winter and spring beans. Generally both winter and spring beans are clear skinned but bruchid damage is higher than average, then last season.

Many crops harvested later in the season have high moistures and growers should take care to dry them to below 16% MC or risk premature discolouration and loss of HC premiums.





Many early cut crops of Blue peas have good colour but growers expectations of value don’t match those of the continental Buyers.

Marrowfats did not perform well and are in short supply.




With the new greening regulations coming into force both peas and bean seed may be in short supply.

Growers aiming to use farm saved seed should check for Stem eelworm in beans as well as ascochyta sp. in both peas and beans.





Beans of suitable quality are readily available as are green(large blue) peas. Marrowfat peas are in very short supply. Split bans are also readily available.