Ellingham Grain supply seeds for most of the arable crops grown in the UK as well as specialist species for game cover and forage crops. Rather than list the many varieties available in the market place we list the species offered and will be pleased to discuss varieties with you in respect of your individual requirements



  • Wheat:
  • Barley
  • Triticale


  • Marrowfat
  • Large and Small Blues
  • Whites / Yellows


  • Winter
  • Spring: Human consumption, Tic beans, Feed varieties


  • Winter
  • Spring, Brown, Yellow


  • Double O, Winter, Spring
  • Specialist High Erucic acid
  • Industrial / Set aside


  • White flowered for human consumption


  • Forage maize, all maturities
  • Game cover maize (including blends)


  • Forage varieties and mixtures for all situations
  • Amenity grasses, mixtures or straight for all locations and uses
  • Stewardship mixtures


  • Fodder radish, fodder beet, swede, turnip, fodder rape, mangel,

Game cover (2014 brochure now available)

  • Maize, Millet (White, Red and Reed), Mustard, Kale, Quinoa, Quinoa, Canary Grass, Sunflower, Dwarf and Giant Sorghum, Canary Seed, Buckwheat, Game mixtures long and short term to comply with DEFRA requirements.


We offer contracts for many of the above crops and will be pleased to talk to you about growing any of the above.