UK Tic beans are small rounded seeds with a slightly darker skin than Victor types. The hilum is also typically black.

Much favoured by pigeon fanciers in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. There is also some human consumption trade to the Mediterranean and to the Far East.

The main variety in the UK is Maris Bead.

UK pigeon fanciers tend to prefer darker seeded lots, even over-yeared ones as they find digestibility improves with age.

Continental fanciers, however, prefer new season paler skinned lots.

UK Tic beans offered for shipment throughout the year from crops grown locally for Ellingham Grain.

Growing Tic Beans.

Maris Bead, although an older variety and hence slightly lower yielding in trial situations proves to be a profitable crop for many growers. It is generally more resistant to disease than more modern varietes.

Determinate, with good standing and good disease resistance, Maris Bead is relatively cheap and easy to grow.

Sow late Feb. to late March. Harvest late August onwards.

Aim for 16% moisture. Tics are not easy to dry once combined.

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