"Victor beans" has become a generic term for the pale seeded spring beans now grown throughout the UK. The actual variety Victor is now outclassed agronomically, however, there are now available some worthy successors as listed below which have met with approval from our Middle-Eastern customers.


  • Fuego: widely available for commercial growers this variety is large seeded and very high yielding. Quality is excellent and grain is large reulting in higher yields.
  • Fury. Now fully NIAB Recommended. Should be freely available for 2013 sowing. Produces good quality and very high yeilds
  • Pyramid. Fully Recommended, good quality and highest yield on RL.
  • Quatro, Nile: and Synchro: are now outclassed in terms of yied but their quality remains acceptable

GROWERS, we have contracts available for the above varieties and will be pleased to discuss your cropping with you.. .

Beat the bugs!

Research in France has shown that higher spray volumes give more effective coverage. For the latest advice on Bruchid control in beans visit the PGRO website.

For more information contact PGRO.org