Wizard winter beans have found favour for human consumption due to their:

  • Large seed size
  • Pale seed coat
  • Pale hilum

However, like spring beans Bruchid weevils are a problem and must be controlled during the flowering stage.

Wizard are also popular for splitting and suitable samples i.e. low moisture, clear skins and low bruchid infestation, can command a reasonable premium over feed.


Cultural note.

As a winter bean Wizard help spread the workload and are more suitable or heavy soils where establishment of spring beans can be a problem.

However due to their relatively short straw compared to other winter beans growers should ensure that seed beds are level to avoid harvesting problems.

Growers should also look at HUSKY winter beans which are currently highest yielding on the Recommended Lists. Produce is very good quality resembling Fuego in size and shape. As such it could demand a better premium than Wizard. More importantly Husky has more conventional straw length which will enable growers to harvest all the crop in dry years, unlike Wizard where the bottom pods can be too near the ground to combine.

Wizard beans